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Making the Switch to Modern


Beginning in February, Multiverse will begin running Modern Format tournaments during Friday Night Magic instead of Legacy. Although we've all had planty of good times playing Legacy, there are a number of factors that have contributed to the decision to make this switch.

Probably most importantly, we feel that the Legacy format is less friendly to new players due to the investment required to build a competitive deck. We feel that we need to make sure that new players are able to join in without the type of investment that Legacy requires if you want to have a shot at winning.

Factor #1: Cost

Building a competitive Legacy deck is very expensive. The most competitive decks that we've seen through our doors over the last couple of years (and the ones that win regularly) would be valued easiy over $1000, even up to the $3000 or more range. I'd say that at least 90% of the local players have no interest in building or playing against these decks. Turn one wins two or three times in a round are no fun and should not happen. Granted, no format is cheap to play (okay, maybe Pauper, but no other format), but Legacy is far more expensive than Modern. We are not trying to deny that this is a game that requires significant financial investment to be competitive at, but our primary concern is making the experience fun, fair, and accessible to new players, which brings me to my next point:

Factor #2: Competition & Fairness

As I stated above, turn one wins two or three times in a round are not fun. Building a deck that will win the game before the other player has a chance to even play a land because you have two dozen $100 cards in your deck is not honest competition. We feel that our tournaments should provide an environment where matches are won and lost based on the talents of the player and not the value of their deck. We love that Legacy lets you play with a more varied pool of cards and we feel that Modern lets us keep the most important parts of that while eliminating many of the overpowered high dollar cards that can so easily take the fun out of the game for everyone.

Factor #3: Sanctioning & Reporting

The reasons above are also part of the logic that went into deciding that Legacy should not be a sanctioned MTG event format. The playing field should be level when the match begins and the only factors that should be prevalent in a players win record should be their talent in deck building and in playing their decks. Modern is a sanctioned event format for reporting to Wizards of the Coast and will help our standing with the Wizards Play Network, therefore increasing prize support and othet opportunities.

The first Friday of each month will still be a Booster Draft and the last Friday will be Standard format, but the rest will be Modern. Check out calendar for upcoming events and we hope to see you next Friday Night for some Magic.

For more information on deck building in Modern format, check the MTG website:

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